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Children & Adolescent Counselling

Counselling for Children & Teens in White Rock & South Surrey

Children and teens can benefit from therapy for a number of reasons. Sometimes something significant has happened in the life of the child, such as a death or divorce, that the child needs extra help sorting through. Sometimes children or teens have behavioural problems that are too much for parents or guardians to deal with on their own. Sometimes children have learning or emotional disabilities that merit the guidance of an experienced professional.

If your child or teenager is struggling with some aspect of his or her life and you’re not sure how to help, I can serve as a compassionate listening ear for your child, working to understand the unique aspects of your child’s situation so that I can best guide him or her forward to a happier, more productive life.

If you think that your child or teenager could benefit from therapy in White Rock, please call me today to make an appointment.

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